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New Changes!

Stay tuned for new changes to GottaGotchi!

New Merch
New Products
New ways to customize your pets!

and so much more!

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About GottaGotchi

I have been collecting Tamagotchi and virtual pets since right from the start in 1998. I was only 8 year olds when I first saw my neighbor with her Tamagotchi, and I immediately knew I would have a lifelong obsession with the toy!

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No More Etsy?

We have recently migrated GottaGotchi to its own store front on Shopify from our Etsy.

Although Etsy is were we started GottaGotchi almost 6 years ago, it has since become increasingly difficult to use and pay for. Etsy although once a great platform for small business and artists, it has now turned into a drop-shipping social platform with no regards to its buyers or sellers! The greedy price gouging and completely unreliable web system has forced us to leave Etsy and focus on our own store front before anymore issues arise. 

All pending Etsy order will continue to be fulfilled and I can still be reached through Etsy if you made an order through there.

However, I will not be listing new items in Etsy and will soon be closing the store all together.

Store Policies & Shipping Schedule


Batch A:
Solid & Glow Colors: AUG 2023
Clear Resin:
AUG-SEP 2023

Batch B:
Solid & Glow Colors: SEPT 2023
Clear Resin:
OCT 2023



Because each of the items in my store are custom made to order for each person cancelations or returns on items are not accepted. Please reach out if you have any questions! 

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