About GottaGotchi

I have been collecting Tamagotchi and virtual pets since right from the start in 1998. I was only 8 year olds when I first saw my neighbor with her Tamagotchi, and I immediately knew I would have a lifelong obsession with the toy!

Virtual pets have been a huge inspiration for me my entire life and have influenced a lot of my art and work. After moving away form my home state, my mother and I opened an Etsy page as a way to stay connected through our mutual love of vPets and to offer cute and inexpensive crochet accessories for other collectors & vPet owners. Through the years we have set out to design new concepts and ideas for accessories and fun items like the Original TamaPillow! & Love Cases that have since been retired. 


As well as creating the TamaWatchi Adapter! An attachment designed for almost ALL vintage and re-release Tamagotchi and virtual pets, letting you wear any pet on your wrist as watch! (The TamaWatchi is still available!)

Since then we have expanded our items to better fit all the new amazing virtual pets coming out. Including customizable covers for the Tamagotchi Smart and Uni in various colors and even completely clear materials!

I hope you enjoy our products as much as we enjoy making them! 

And special "Thank You" to the amazing Virtual Pet Collectors Community for being AWESOME! and letting me create such fun things for my lifelong obsession! 

- JP




My portfolio page with a little more about me! 


We have recently migrated GottaGotchi to its own store front on Shopify from our Etsy. Although Etsy is were we started GottaGotchi almost 6 years ago, it has since become increasingly difficult to use and pay for. Etsy although once a great platform for small business and artists, it has now turned into a drop-shipping social platform with no regards to its buyers or sellers! The greedy price gouging and completely unreliable web system has forced us to leave Etsy and focus on our own store front before anymore issues arise. 

The Etsy page is filled with amazing reviews and customer photos and will be kept up for this reason. 


Instagram: @GottaGotchi
Twitter: @TheCloaca
TikTok: @Seflapod
Facebook: facebook.com/GottaGotchi