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For Tamagotchi Uni

Bumper Cases for the NEW Tamagotchi Uni are now available! These cases are very similar to my Tamagotchi Smart cases but have been redesigned to fit the NEW Tamagotchi Uni which is set for worldwide release July 15th!

This Batch is set to ship by SEPT 2024 

new CLEAR material available for all of my Tamagotchi cases and watch adapters!

These BUMPER cases will come in 2 parts, a front piece and a back piece and will cover the entire pet but leaves the important things accessible like the buttons, screen, charging port and charm/lanyard slots as well as the faceplate!

(ex. The Bumper Case will cover the entire Pink side and wave areas of the Pink Tamagotchi Uni.

This listing is for a presale that is set to ship SEPT 2024 (see shipping schedule)

some of the pictures listed are of the Tamagotchi Smart covers and only shown to show material and color! The Uni Bumper Case design is similar to the Smart Case design only modified to fit the new wave theme and buttons!

Schedule of shipments (BATCH A)

Resin Cases: Resin cases will be shipping SEPT 2024 as they take longer to cure and process. 

Designed and sculpted by me!

A. Tamagotchi Uni Cases

A. Tamagotchi Uni Cases

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