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For Tamagotchi Uni

limited quantities left of Black, White, Red and Lime bands available in stock and shipping NOW!
Other colors, and more quantities of those color are available but will not be shipping until early August.

The TamaWatchi is the perfect way to take your beloved pet and wear it as a fashionably convenient wrist watch! No more excuses for care misses!

I have always been in-love with watch pets and spent many years trying to design a way to wear all the pets I already owned as watches. After countless attempts and almost an entire year of work later, I have finally achieved that!

The current version of the TamaWatchi is designed to be interchangeable! The specially designed TamaWatchi battery plate replaces the existing back plate on your pet, and snaps right into the Watch Plate. This means you only need ONE TamaWatchi for all your pets!

How it works —
The current version of the TamaWatchi has 3 parts.

1) The Watch Bands: 1 pair of 22mm bands with retractable pin

2) The Watch Plate: This is the main part of the watch. The pet and watch bands attach to this plate. The watch plate also includes a screw lock as well as security loop. Both are there to ensure your pet stays safe!

3) The Battery Plate: the battery plates are custom designed for each pet, they replace the existing battery plate on your pet. Just unscrew your pet’s battery plate and replace it with the TamaWatchi Battery Plate. (A TamaWatchi battery plate is required for each of the pets you’d plan to use. )

What’s In The box:

A full TamaWatchi Set:
1 Instructional Sheet
1 Pair of Watch Bands
1 Watch Plate with Security loop

(this accessory does not come with a virtual pet toy.)

TamaWatchi vPet Adapter - Virtual Pets On Your Wrist! (limited Quantity!)

TamaWatchi vPet Adapter - Virtual Pets On Your Wrist! (limited Quantity!)

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