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For Tamagotchi Uni

NOW THEY GLOW! These color changing bumpers will change color after being exposed to any light source! Direct sunlight or UV light works best.

SHIPPING OCTOBER 2023 - See Shipping Schedule

NEW 2-piece Bumpers covers are now available! Stylishly protect your pet by mix and matching front and back plate colors!

This Bumper case covers comes in 2 parts to protect all sides of the pet! The back plate has 2 open slots for easy lanyard or charm loops access!

Over 10 color options currently available to mix and match and more will be added monthly!

Custom color request are available.

**This is a home-made, made-to-order item! Designed and Printed by me.**

Not responsible for the misuse of this item.

Color GLOW - Bumper Covers

Color GLOW - Bumper Covers

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