Shipping Schedules & Alerts

posted: Feb 10, 2024
updated: May 20, 2024


All orders will begin shipping in May 2024 in the order they were placed! Some items are in stock and available to to ship  (Tamagotchi Smart Cases, Tamagotchi Smart Watches and more) and will be shipping as they are processed.


CLEAR cases will begin shipping JULY 2024 all orders placed March - May will receive free gift as an early purchase thank you!! 




posted: JULY 20, 2023 
updated: SEPTEMBER 26, 2023

Due to the outrageous temperatures this summer, I will have to delay shipping orders to only weeks where it is forecasted to be cooler (at least less than 95°F) 

As a test, I shipped some of the orders this last week (Week of SEPT 20) to test the weather as it seemed to be cooler than it had been in the last few months. 

test shipments are being sent in the order they were received, as well shipping items scheduled to ship this month. Instructions & information are sent with each test shipment incase any do arrive warped. 

As of now, unfortunately 2 of the orders have arrived warped. I will be waiting to hear back from the rest before I can completely judge if it’s safe to ship orders. 

If you’ve received an order this week, any feedback is appreciated! Feel free to contact me through email, messages or DMs on socials (FB & IG @GottaGotchi) 

Shipment of CLEAR cases will continue to be delayed as the clear resin material warps at lower temperatures than the SOLID Color cases. We normally start to receive cooler weather during the middle of September in Texas, so hopefully I can begin shipping them as scheduled this coming month.


More on the delays!

Over the past few months I have received an alarming amount of messages regarding orders for cases arriving warped, especially the CLEAR resin cases. I am currently located in Dallas, TX and it has been a constant of 100°-112°F degrees daily for the last couple of months. But, most of the entire country is unfortunately feeling the intense summer temperatures as well.

The temperature in the transportation vehicles can get extremely high since they are not climate controlled at all. This is where I think the warping is happening in cases.

Because of this, I have delayed all shipments of CLEAR cases until the weather cools down completely as the RESIN material begins to warp at lower temperatures and will attempt to ship SOLID COLOR PLA cases on weeks where the weather is less than 95°F

Shipping notifications will be sent as soon as the order ships and as well as any updates regarding the delays.

I appreciate all the patience and words of encouragement I have received through the last couple of months with all the changes and set backs, and I can't wait for everyone to finally receive their stuff!